Learning C++

Discussion on C, C++ and C++11 at the COJ. This is the place to clear your doubts about these languages, and to share with the community the new things you learn about them.
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Re: Learning C++

Post by Robbin » 8 years ago

:) Yes, it seems like that..
And it's a shame, 'cauze I have a lot of information of python I don't understand yet, I got to get an international e-mail for that..
well I hope you've killed that tests of MD I and II, and AM II

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Re: Learning C++

Post by jelara » 8 years ago

Phantom wrote:But... I can not molest him more...
I strongly believe that you mean bother... molest has a waaaay different meaning :lol: :lol:
Trust me, when you look it up, you'll laugh too :)

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