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Various Bugs

Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2014 1:30 pm
by humbertodiaz
I originally posted this list in the announcement for COJ 3.8, but I've just noticed there's a forum for bugs. Here you go:

1. The wrong worldwide rank is displayed for users with ranks 36 and above. For instance, my profile says that I'm rank 49 in the world, but the list shows me at 48. Users with rank 35 and below are not affected. This doesn't happen with a user's rank within an institution, although I'm not sure about ranks within countries, or other things like between institutions or countries.

2. The list of ranks within countries is no longer available. Noooooo...

3. When problems are sorted by score, they sometimes repeat in different pages of the search results. For instance, if I sort the problems by descending score, the exercise Walk (#1738) appears in both the first and second pages of the search results.