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by padrinoIJ
7 years ago
Forum: Problem set
Topic: 1462 - Easy Sum
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Re: 1462 - Easy Sum

what happen with server, I send my solution of the problem 1462 - Easy Sum and I have seen Time Limted Exceeded in test 10, so I send same code other day and the time limted is in test 9, Why?, greetings padrino_IJ :o
by padrinoIJ
8 years ago
Forum: 2012
Topic: Local Contest 2012
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Local Contest 2012

Hi, how will the clasification system of the local contest for participate in the national contest, will be according to quantity accepted solutions by team or N teams by university, I wait for his answer, greetings padrino_IJ :?:
by padrinoIJ
8 years ago
Forum: Documentation
Topic: Doc at the COJ.
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Re: Doc at the COJ.

Find the book Art of Programming Contest by Ahmed S. Arefin, it has a good tutorial about C and algorithms for beginner, if you want send me an email to: I hope that you can learn with this book, best regards, padrino_IJ ;)

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