The 3rd COJ Progressive Contest

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The 3rd COJ Progressive Contest

Post by ymondelo20 » 7 years ago

On December 14 we hosted "The 2nd COJ Progressive Contest" and more than 130 users took part. In a few days, we will host "The 3rd COJ Progressive Contest"

We hope that you enjoy it very much!
COJ Development Team (CDEVT).

For more information, read the following rules carefully:

This is a new style of contest that we are showing to you. The challenge is as follows:
  • - The problems are divided by difficulty levels, and in the beginning you only have access to the first level of problems.
    - In order to gain access to the next level of problems, you must solve a specific number of problems from the current level (defined by the Contest Setter).
    - Not all levels require the same amount of problems and, of course, we design each level to be more challenging than the last one.

About the ranking of the contest...
  • - Rejected submissions will not have time penalty.
    - There will be no (less or more) points for solving any problem after or before another user.
    - Users that have solved one problem, they gain the same points for them. The gained points are in this form: TPOINTS / (TLEVELS - PLEVEL + 1) where TPOINTS is the Total Points defined for all the problems in the contest, TLEVELS is the Total Levels defined for the contest and PLEVEL is the level of the problem in question. Note that problems in the first level give you TPOINTS / TLEVELS points, and problems on the last level give you TPOINTS points (full points). The higher the level, the more points are gained. :D
    -If two users have the same points in the ranking, the user who has solved his/her problems before, must be above the other user in the rank.
For this 3rd Edition we have four levels of problems, and you need to solve 3 problems from each one to pass to the next level. On the other hand, you only need to solve 11 problems in the entire contest to see all the problems in all the levels. The contest has a duration of 12 hours. The value for TPOINTS is 2520 points (for this edition).
Problems by levels:
  • Level 1: 5 problem(s).
    Level 2: 4 problem(s).
    Level 3: 3 problem(s).
    Level 4: 2 problem(s).

Can you get to the last level? More than 20 users do that in the last edition.
But, can you solve all the problems? This is the real challenge for you now.

Best Regards.

"Every problem has a simple, fast and wrong solution" OJ's Main Law. ;)

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