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Maintenance/Update COJ: December 4, 2011.

Posted: Sun Dec 04, 2011 6:37 pm
by ymondelo20
Greetings, dear users.

We have the pleasure of informing you about new functionalities, features and updates that have been made on the COJ. Also some maintenance, and bug fixing at the same time.
Below, the most important changes are listed:

New features:
  • Sorting of coming / past contests by the starting date.
  • Internationalization / Update of FAQs and other views. Some changes on design, information architecture, security, etc.

New functionalities:

Updates and/or bugs fixed:
  • Correction / Update statistics of users, problems, institutions and countries.
  • Correction of paginators (Bottom of Judgments Views) when some filters are applied.
  • Incompatibilities have been solved on some old submissions, due to changes on the ID of the problems, or non-existent problems.
  • Correction of submissions IDs (Judgments Views). Now the last submission ID is the total submissions that have been made to the Caribbean Online Judge (COJ), in 18 months of availability on the Internet. We have more than 178500 submissions. Congratulations, you are the main goal of our work.
  • And others automatics maintenance tasks of the system.

In the future, we hope to incorporate the following functionalities:
  • Mail notifications about new coming contests of the Caribbean Online Judge, and other online judges.
  • Other interesting functionalities, but if I say them... then they are no longer surprises. :D
COJ Development Team (CDEVT).

Best Regards.