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Improvements for the Virtual Contests section

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 2:54 pm
by ymondelo20
Some improvements for Virtual Contests section have been implemented, with the main goal of increase the usability of this feature. Now the virtual contest feature is as described below:

Creation/Configuration of the virtual contests:
  • - You can create a virtual contest, from any real contest enabled as template for virtual contest.
  • - You can add other users to compete in the same virtual contest (for now, up to 15 users including the owner/creator).
  • - You can decide whether the virtual contest will be private or public. If you decide to create a public contest, then other users can join to the virtual contest (for now, up to 15 users including the owner/creator).
  • - You can only create one (1) virtual contest (see in the "My List" section). When creating a new virtual contest the existing one (if any) is deleted automatically. You can also remove it at any time. When you delete your virtual contest, the users that you add (or join, if public) will maintain the information in their "My List" section.
  • - At the "Global List" section, you can see the virtual contests created in the system, and for each of them also see: creator, real contest used for the current virtual contest, status (coming, running, or past), access type (private or public), duration and users (users added/joined to the virtual contest). If the virtual contest is public, then you can also see the option "join" if there is available slots.
In next release/update, we will enable the option of having several contests (coming) per user, even if only one (1) virtual contest can be running or past. Although we want to provide the possibility that you can create all the virtual contests you wish, some constraints (mainly by hardware) require us to limit some features (for now). However, we will be watching the system operation and we will increase these limits, as far as possible.

Please, report bugs or improvements about this feature. Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,
COJ Development Team (CDEVT).